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Vocational Education and Training Resoucres and Consulting in Sydney

The name says it all. VETSOL , Vocational Education and Training SOLutions, provides resource material development and consulting services to Vocational Training providers.

VETSOL, established in 2009, has well over 100 years of training and industry experience amongst its top consultants. Almost all of the consultants have a PhD, while some are pursuing it. Every consultant has developed or participated in developing courseware at TAFE / University level. Needless to say, they are all TAA qualified.

Succinct but comprehensive solutions are our speciality. We only do one thing - resource material development. Working along with your VET compliance manager, we develop session plans, course/ unit outlines, assessment strategies, assessment tools and solution keys to suit your organisational requirements.

We have been developing resource material for the following training packages:

  1. Information and Communications Technology (ICA)
  2. Business Services (BSB)
  3. Financial Services (FNS)

Not only do we preach, we practice too. We are into software development as well. We can help you with your online presence. We can install Content Management Systems, such as Joomla and  Drupal, and Course Management Systems, such as moodle. This site is developed using Joomla and our e-learning resources are avaliable in Moodle.

Our website runs on a Content Management Systems (CMS)
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